RFI: Bat ID from La Lancha tunnel, Andujar, Spain

Hi, We recently visited the Andujar area of Spain and, despite missing the lynx, took a few photos of the bats in the tunnel by the dam at La Lancha. We would appreciate any help in identifying the species. I have attached the best 5 photos, but not sure how many different species they include. Thank you for any help. Nick & Toby

Bat 1 Bat 2 Bat 3 Bat 4 Bat 5

  1. JMichel Bompar 5 years ago

    Top-right and bottom : Myotis (probably) blythii
    Top-left : Miniopterus schreibersii
    Middle : Myotis daubentoni

    Yours faithfully

    • Jon Hall 5 years ago

      Thanks JM.

      Nick, Jean-Michel is an expert on European bats. So you can be sure of his IDs

  2. judy 5 years ago

    URLs that are perhaps helpful until an expert weighs in: Arkive and iucnredlist
    examples below, not intended as an identification.



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