Bat Call ID – Daintree region, Queensland, Australia

Looking for an ID on a bat call which is commonly heard in the Daintree region (Queensland, Australia) at dusk & dawn. It seems to be a large microbat which hunts along roads and the rainforest edge and makes a loud, relatively low pitched squeak while hunting.

Listen to the call here –


  • Jon Hall

    I am not sure. In that area, it might be Murina florium. They have an audible call sometimes (which I have not heard) though they are small and I think fluttery in flight. Yellow-bellied Sheathtails have an audible call though it doesn’t sound much like that and they fly high and direct normally. Might it have been one of the smaller fruit bats, for example Eastern Tube-nosed Bat? Though they are quite distinctive and would have been looking for fruit.

    • Jon Hall

      Hi again. I checked in with the Australian mammalwatching group on Facebook and Alistair Stewart also reckons it’s Eastern Tube-nosed Bat.

  • marcand76

    Ok – thanks for looking into it Jon.

    I don’t have much experience with bats and don’t know where to start when it comes to ID’ing based on calls. Do you know of any resources with audio or spectrograms of Australian bat calls?

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