Viewing narwhals and bowhead whales at pocket change cost: buddy needed :-)

Would anyone be interested in joining me on this tour, starting from Ottawa on July 29? It is by far the cheapest option for seeing Baffin Island I’ve ever seen, and they help with getting a hugely discounted airfare. They have a 2 people minimum and 8 people maximum.


  • John Pilgrim

    That seems too cheap! What’s the catch? Are they a new outfit?

  • Vladimir Dinets

    No, but it’s a new tour. The price doesn’t include airfare from Ottawa, but they get some impressive discounts on that.

  • Tim

    Would LOVE to do this trip but am now free until early August! Thanks for the link though Vladimir.


    N.B. their website ways EIGHT participant max?

  • Alex Meyer

    Sorry I’m late to the party. Vladimir did you end up going- if so did you see Narwhals or Bowhead Whales?


  • Alex Meyer

    Ah I see. I’d definitely be interested, so keep in touch. Also I happen to be looking at my Peterson’s Field Guide to Finding Mammals of NA and noticed the name Vladimir Dinets sounded familiar and sure enough, that’s you! I just recently got the book and usually have photographed/found unique mammal species in captivity, but definitely look forward to utilizing this book in the near future and expanding my horizons.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Hope you find it helpful! I’ll post here if I’ll be looking for people to join me on the Nunavut trip.

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