Request for clouded leopard photos from Deramakot / Tangkulap

My name is Azlan and currently I am doing Phd at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research Berlin. My colleague and I have been doing camera trapping survey in Deramakot and Tangkulap for many years now and these two reserves will probably be our long term monitoring sites to assess the long term impacts of logging. We did our first camera trapping survey in these reserves in 2008-2010 and second survey was completed last year. Next month there will be a clouded leopard workshop in Sabah and we had the idea of putting together some long term survival data from Deramakot…just to see how long clouded leopards actually live in the wild and stay in their territories before move to somewhere. So for this, we greatly appreciate if those who have been to Deramakot and have good picture of clouded leopard to share their photos together with some basic information about day and time when the photos were taken and maybe the GPS location with us. We will use your photos for this coming workshop only and depends on the results, we might try to write a short publication (if this happen, we will contact you again). But it would not be part of my Phd chapter.

We already received photos taken by Mike Gordon and he suggested me to check this website to get more information. If anyone willing to share their clouded leopard photos, please send them to my email: Thank you very much.


  • Alan D

    Azlan, I wish I could share but we struck out with Clouded Leopards at Deramakot…this time. I vow not to strike out next time though. Good luck with your research.

    If you put something together it would be great to see it if you are able to share it with our community.


    • Azlan

      Thank you Alan. Yes, I will definitely share here if we decide to write article about it. I have received few photos from those who have been to Deramakot and they were mostly new individuals (never been recorded in our camera traps). Only one female that was constantly recorded from 2009 till now. Very interesting because I thought male will stay longer in one place than female.


  • Elias Sadalla Filho

    Dear Azlan,

    Good luck with your project and keep us updated!

    I will be visiting Sabah-Borneo next month, but not in Deramakot. I will be at Tabin/ Danum/ Kinabatangan/ Sepilok. If I have some chance to see this incredible creature I will tell you.


    Just back from another successful trip to Deramakot with a Wildwings group. Brief views of a Sunda Clouded Leopard for one of the clients plus Mike on the 3rd night, and great views of a female down to two metres the following night. She walked down the road towards us and then sat down a couple of metres from the vehicle and was on view for over 15 minutes. Report to follow shortly.

    Almost as good was a thirty minute Banded Linsang sitting in a roadside bush less than 30 metres from the camp, only the second Mike Gordon has seen at Deramakot.

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