Do you know your serows?

I had recently announced to be done with a roundup on gorals. You find this “caprinae world”-chapter on my website:

Now I have finished the next chapter. This one is on serows, another group of large, goatlike mammals from Far East and Southeast Asia, that has been overlooked or ignored by most people in the past. Very little information has been puplished on the six to seven species. On the internet it is even harder to find something useful – except for the IUCN Red List entries and the english wikipedia version on Japanese serow, which is excellent!

You will now find a well illustrated summary of biological information on all seven taxa – including an explanation for why the world still has to wait for somebody to take the first photo of a live “true” Red Serow:

Thank you all, who contributed photographs! Thank you Jon Hall, who is herding us mammal enthusiasts 😉

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