Belated Trip report – Western India November-December 2015

Thought I’d uploaded this last year, but I’ve just tried to make an edit to the report and  it appears to have gone AWOL (along with another note I was trying to post). Not sure what happened, but I think it was around the time mammalwatching migrated to the new website; I probably failed to log in properly or something equally useless. I did post a couple of pictures of the seemingly distinctive bat from Gir shortly after the trip but still haven’t managed to identify it; if anyone knows what it could be, or knows someone who might, please comment!

Anyway, hopefully the site info is still relevant – apologies for the delay.



Western India 2015 MH


  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Mike and sorry about the glitches on the site that delayed this. A successful trip!

    • mikehoit

      Cheers Jon, it may well have been something I did anyway. Yes, some excellent stuff, just a shame about those hedgehogs – I failed to find Desert, Indian, Long-eared, and South African on various trips in 2015!

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