RFI – Wyoming in September


I will be visiting Yellowstone/Teton late August/early September this year but will also have time to visit to visit other parts of Wyoming and Badlands NP/Custer State Park in South Dakota. I think I will also include the City of Rocks reserve and possibly Fossil Butte for the Pygmy Rabbit. Ventures into southern Montana and northern Colorado are considered too.

Can anyone recommend other places to visit?


And here are a few wish list species for which a backup site would be nice:

Black-Footed Ferret – Has anyone ever visited Shirley Basin, Meeteetsee or any of the other sites in Wyoming. (I will definitely try to see them in Badlands.)

Swift Fox – what would be a good site apart from Badlands? Pawnee Grasslands would be an option but is a little out of the way. Someplace closer would be nice. I read that a lot of areas in the Thunder Basin national grassland have been “disfigured” by fracking and regular oil exploitation. Does anyone have directions on good areas (or roads) in Thunder Basin for mammals.

Bobcat – Probably not the best area in the USA to look for them, but want to try anyway. Are there (somewhat) reliable sites for them in Wyoming or nearby?



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  • geomalia

    Not a mammal, but if you’re in the area early enough, there is a total solar eclipse that will be visible near Grand Teton on August 21.

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