New Trip Report: Sabah

Hello from Manaus, where I have just gotten off the boat after two ridiculously successful weeks on rivers around the Amazon with Fiona Reid. A trip report will take a bit of time but we ended up with about 80 different species (quite remarkable for the Amazon) including 21 primates, and some wonderful bats and rodents including a large Proechimys rat that seems new to science.  After the boat Jose Gabriel and I found an additional 10 species in three days around Manaus. And now I am all mammaled out.

A big thanks for Tomer for looking after the site while I was away and my apologies to those who have sent me reports direct over the past couple of weeks. I will upload them all in the next week.

Here is the first, a report from Richard Webb who had a very successful trip to Sabah.

Sabah, 2017: Richard Webb, 12 days & 37 species including Clouded Leopard, Sunda Stink Badger and – I am particularly jealous of this one – a Banded Linsang.



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  • tomeslice

    Wow – amazing report with the clouded leopard, the linsang and the stink badger! Great pictures of the leopard, linsang and the tarsiers too.. Idefinitely need to make it back to Borneo soon.

    Jon – it’s been my (very small) pleasure. Very small because I didn’t do much besides approve a total of I think 6 comments. lol. I’m looking forward to reading your trip report! That’s a little masochistic on my part because I know I’ll read it with jealousy and envy ;-P


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