Mongolia Field Guide

  1. Jon Hall 5 years ago

    Mike, I’d suggest

    A Field Guide to the Mammals of Mongolia. Batsaikhan et al, which you can get in Hustai National Park

    And the Mammals of China. Smith & Xie.

    These are what I used and Richard Webb used. I am not aware of anything since then….

  2. paul carter 5 years ago

    A field guide to the Mammals of Mongolia – 2nd Ed 2014 – can seemingly be downloaded on ResearchGate if you have full access

  3. 5 years ago

    Many thanks. Unfortunately I go to Hustai at the end! Anyway I will get the China one. ATB

  4. judy 5 years ago

    Smith & Xie had everything i needed for mammals.
    Used Aye, Schweizer & Roth Birds of Central Asia and MacKinnon & Phillipps Field Guide to the BIrds of China.

  5. RICHARD WEBB 5 years ago

    Mike, I’ve sent you an email re a spare copy of the Mongolia guide as it’s much better than the China guide in my opinion.

    • CLAIRE O'NEILL 4 years ago

      Hi Richard,

      I stumbled upon this site and page. I am going to Mongolia end of September. I see that you have a copy of the Mongolia guide (I see that the author have a one-page about this guide on ResearchGate). I tried to find the full version without success. Would you mind pointing to a link where I can grab that pdf? (or I could contact the author as well on RG) 🙂

      And do you know of any good bird guide as well?

      Thanks!, – Claire

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