Sand cat, where to look and with who?

Anyone know any guide, operator or someone else who can help me finding and if possible photograph Sand cat?

Looking for a shorter trip in end of December and northern Africa, middle east would fit in perfectly.
I know Assouerd road in Western Sahara is a hot spot but is there any guide/spotlighter/operator to contact in this area who can organize a trip for me here?
Or is selfdriving with own spotlight the only option here? (which is no option for me alone really)

Any other places to look for them with guided help?


Andreas Jonson


  • mikehoit

    Hi Andreas
    L’Association Nature Initiative in Dakhla ( would be worth contacting – they run tours involving camping out on Aousserd road, although I’m not sure if they have any reliable spots for Sand Cat.

  • phil telfer

    Hi Andreas, A small group of us found a Sand Cat in Jbil national park, Southern Tunisia in early 2013. At the time of our visit Sand Cat hadn’t officially been recorded from the country but we had heard from rangers there that the cats were present in the park. if he’s still doing trips then the guy to contact is Tarek at .
    Steve Morgan also went some months after us and he saw several Sand cats as well.
    I’m not sure how the situation is now in Tunisia and you may do better going to Western Sahara if you could get one or two others to go along.

    • Antee

      Thanx alot for information.
      Yes, this is what I looking for but unfortunately I am not very keen in going to Jbil NP at the moment due to safety.

      If it were in the northern Tunisia, fine. But now it´s between Libya and Algeria in remote southern part which is an area everyone recommend you to avoid at the moment.

      Western sahara seems like my first choice if I can organize it somehow to a reasonably price.

  • Chris Townend

    Hi Andreas,
    In addition to the other useful contacts given above, you could also consider a tour with Wise Birding Holidays: in March 2018. We ran a tour this year and we were successful with seeing Sand Cat in Western Sahara as well as Ruppell’s Fox, Fennec Fox etc. Trip report soon to be posted on here. Good luck whatever you decide!

    • Antee

      I am pretty much looking for a trip between christmas – New year. Like a 3 night spotlighting session along the Aousserd road.
      Got other plans for March actually 🙂

      You only have fixed dates tour?
      No guides available for a custom tour?

  • David Walker

    Hi Andreas,
    You could try Rio Escapade at This seems to be the tourist branch of the group called ANI. We travelled with them in March this year and whilst we did not see Sand Cat they know about them and would be able to help. We had a full moon when we were there which was said to be no good for them. We are going with them again in March with Sand Cat as a main target.
    They will meet you at Dakhla airport and provide everything for camping at what we thought was a very reasonable rate.

  • Ewan

    Hi Andreas,
    I was thinking of taking a similar trip. If you are looking for people to share the costs, let me know.

    • Chris Townend

      I have a couple of people interested in a private Sand Cat focused trip in January. If you and Andreas were interested in joining then, please email me through Wise Birding Holidays website. Alternatively, happy to chat at the Bird Fair.

  • stevebabbs

    I too would be interested in teaming up.

  • Jens

    Hi Andreas, are you just planning for the days around Christmas?

  • Chris Townend

    Steve – If you are still interested in the possible WS Sand Cat and mammal focused trip – Email me and I can send you the final details.

  • Antee

    I´ve now been able to set up a 3 day Sand cat mission tour in Western Sahara thanks to this forum.
    This is a truly goldmine!

    So thank you all for inputs and suggestions.

    Maybe need a partner in crime to share the cost. Not really sure yet…

  • Leo Boon

    I will be in the area from around the 18th till the 27th of february 2018 with my two kids. Anyone in the area as well at that time? lets team up!

    Mail me at of look me up at facebook: Leo JR Boon


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