Mammal books

I’m trying to thin out my overloaded bookshelves and have a number of mammal books that I am selling, in many cases at bargain prices, e.g. Mammals of Mexico for £50 (now £97 new) and The Wild Mammals of Japan for £40 (now £97 new). I also have a mint set of the excellent six volume Mammals of Africa that a friend is selling for £300 (£550 new).

I also have a Bat Box III bat detector with CD and book of echolocations for £80 (£156 new).

If any UK-based mammal watchers (postage will be prohibitive overseas) are interested in seeing the full list please contact me at and I will send you a copy of the list. To avoid postal costs I can bring items to the Rutland Birdfair is it helps. This equally applies to overseas mammal watchers attending the Birdfair.


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