Patagonia and Falklands advice

Coming December/January I will spend 4 weeks in the Falklands and Southern Patagonia and I would like some advice on mammal watching in those areas.

I will spend the first week in the Falklands (2 nights in Sea Lion island, the rest around Stanley), in the hope to see some sea lion and killer whale action. Does any of you have any more advice on seeing other cetaceans around (especially) Stanley?


In Patagonia the main focus will be walking the O-trail in Torres del Paine, but I would also like to do some puma searching, if any of you could provide some contact details and general advice, that would be appreciated.

Does anybody also have some recent information on the chances of seeing Huemul in TdP?

I will also have some more time to travel around southern Patagonia (including the Argentinean side), does anyone know any sites for Wolfsohn’s mountain viscacha or maybe even for Marine otter? Unfortunately we do not have time for Chiloe islands…


Thanks in advance


  • Steve Firth

    It’s a long time since I was in Patagonia, so I’m of no real help for current info.

    I am looking to travel to Chile in 2018 to look for Puma.

    I’ve read consistently good reports about a guide/park ranger in Torres del Paine NP as THE guy to be with
    to maximise the chance of Puma sightings. His website (I believe) is

    From my understanding he does not speak English, so you will have to persevere by contacting/emailing in Spanish.

    I’d appreciate any intel that you could subsequently provide!

    Good luck,


  • John Dixon

    Its an enormously long time since I was in the Falklands, but Bertha’s Beach (walk East from Mare Harbour, South of RAF Mount Pleasant) used to be an excellent site for Commerson’s Dolphin.

  • T.O.

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately the link to the puma guy seems not to be working (at least not from Ethiopia…).

    So nobody has any recent info on the Southern huemul in Torres del Paine?

  • Steve Firth

    Hi, Sorry that the Puma Guy link has proved difficult. I’ve have been able to view it again when I tried from the UK.

    I also googled Wayajapuma and it came up.

    There is an email address on the site of if that is of any help.



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