Tayside Beavers, Scotland, UK

A quick blog on seeing Eurasian Beaver (and Otter) in Tayside, Scotland, UK, last week. http://www.jameslowen.com/blog-7-aug-2017-beaver.html

A recent trip report on this site alerted us to decent prospects of seeing Beaver at Loch of the Lowes reserve. Indeed, not only does the Scottish Wildlife Trust advertise beaver-watching as a highlight for May-Aug, but they also run regular evening watches, including the day after we were in the area. We, however, chose the route followed by two mammal watching.com aficionados, Richard Webb and Mike Hoit, and went with Bob Smith. Note, however, that Bob now charges £50/group; when Mike and Richard went, there was no fee but donations were gratefully received. We had nine or so observations of at least two (possibly four) Beavers – 1+ kit, a female and possibly a male. My blog does not include the precise grid ref from which we watched the burrows. If you want this, please drop me an email (details are on my website).Beaver_Blairgowrie_01-08-17_85I1937 copy Beaver_Blairgowrie_01-08-17_85I1978 copy Beaver_Blairgowrie_01-08-17_85I2013 copy


A bit of video here: https://youtu.be/vAA-aexzerg

cheers, James



  • Jon Hall

    Thanks James! Great to know they are so findable with the right guide.

  • Derek Shingles

    My wife and I have just returned from Tayside. We visited Loch of the Lowes twice. We saw red deer and red squirrels during the afternoon, and beavers and fallow deer in the evening. There is also a white red deer in the area that we caught a glimpse of.

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