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I have a question regarding where to best look for mammals in Peru. I have about 5 days  Puerto Maldonado in October and was wondering whether I should try to stay there and try to look for wildlife from torus in that town or whether I should head to Cusco, see Machu Pichu and maybe look for wildlife from there.

Basically its a very short time period and I would like to make the most out of it and see as much wildlife as possible


Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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  • geomalia

    I would recommend going to a lodge near Puerto Maldonado. Mammalian diversity in the Amazon is exceptionally high, and SE Peru has some of the most easily accessible forest in the region with low hunting pressure. If you want to self-guide, I’d recommend CICRA Los Amigos. They have an extensive trail system, and encourage independent visitors. They have all primate species found in the area (though Goeldi’s Monkey is seen only about once a year), and Ocelot, Giant Armadillo, and Lowland Tapir are regularly seen on night walks.

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