New Trip Report: Bolivia

Here’s a short report from Michel Gervais about a country that is becoming a more popular mammalwatching destination.

Bolivia, 2017: Michel Gervais, 4 weeks & 15 species including a Giant Armadillo and White-eared Titi Monkeys.


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  • tomeslice

    Wow. I know the trip report says it was “not good for mammal watching”, but seeing a giant armadillo and 2 tayras on a night drive is very cool, and does not sound like a typical night drive in the neotropical rain forest. I may have to check out that place some time soon! Mind you I have yet to visit the Giant Armadillo project and therefore have never seen one. Nor a tayra for that matter.

    Also, remember that except for Jaguars and ocelots in the pantanal, or Pumas in Torres del Paine, cats are generally uncommon in the neotropical rainforests so you can’t feel too bad. A notable exception is the Chaco region or Paraguay.


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