Wanting to join or form a mammal watching group sichuan, quinghai, tibet


I am new to mammal forum and desire to join or form a group (with sid?) to view mammals in Sichuan, Quinghai, Tibet? for taking, goral, serow, possibly snow leopard, deer? Jon has some amazing video of a snow leopard taken last year, and would love to see the wild locations and view mammals. i am open to some birding.

I am a retired wildlife biologist and author, having published several books on Alaska, the latest Glacier Bay, Old ICe New land in 2014. i have a great interest in both tropical and montane forests of china, and had the opportunity to explore a part of Yunnan north of Lijiang to Dequen on the Tibetan border. No mammal sightings except the snub nose monkeys, and very few birds (October).

I want to do more exploration of now Kham area of Tibet, and Sichuan. Would greatly welcome feedback or suggestions to form a trip. i am 71, but still in great shape for hiking or roughing it. thankyou for your time, and thankyou jon for creating a wonderful forum for naturalists.  my email is nwadventurer12@yahoo.com



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