Mammals in and near Beijing?

Can anyone recommend places to go in and around Beijing (within a few hours drive) with a chance of mammals big or small?


  • mikehoit

    Hi Nick

    What time of year will you be going? I haven’t heard of many specific mammal sites, but there are definitely a few species around. I saw a few species in that part of China – see Pere David’s Rock Squirrel has been seen by birding tour groups along the Great Wall near Beijing, and I guess Siberian Chipmunk should be there too. Siberian Weasel has also been recorded by birders in the hills around the city.
    It may be worth contacting Terry Townsend of Birding Beijing as he may know someone who can help; he once saw ‘Amur’ Leopard Cat at a nearby reservoir (gripping photos at
    Hopefully someone can give you more detailed info!


    • Nick Cox

      Thanks Mike, really appreciate your response. I’ll be there next weekend. The mammals might be avoiding the cold though! Saw the rock squirrel in September in Tangjiahe Reserve, Sichuan.
      Thanks again,

  • Jon Hall

    The Citic Hotel at the airport is (on good authority) meant to be a reliable spot for Amur Hedgehogs (in the gardens/allotments) that are next to the hotel…. I have tried twice but not seen them there however. jon

  • Robbi

    Hi Nick,

    Firstly, welcome to China! What’s your schedule on the weekend? In the city, not much interesting things to find and see. While, friends of mine saw a Chinese Groal in a recent birding trip in a valley about 100 k northwest of the downtown. Trip like this would took a whole day and you need a car for sure.


    • Nick Cox

      Thanks Robbi, have seen goral but perhaps there are other species in the vicinity. Certainly up for a full day on Saturday or Sunday or both, incl. overnight stay if necessary and if that allows for some spotlighting too (without getting arrested!)


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