Unidentified bat

Can anyone help with the identification of this bat found in a crevice in the rocks near the hyaena caves near Mount Fantalle in Awash NP in Ethiopia on the recent Wildwings’ tour. Quite a number emerged at dusk. Ethiopian Woolly Bat has been reported from here previously but it does not appear to fit photos I have seen of that species. Thanks Richard


  • Jon Hall

    Richard, it looks like an Emballonurid and quite a distinctive one. How big was it? It could be African Sheathtail Bat (they are pretty small) though its much darker than the animals I have seen. I am not sure what else is possible in Ethiopia and am leaving this evening on a trip so can’t check any books (but it looks too cute and pointy nosed to be a Taphazous but I might be wrong). You could post on Afribats … they do a great job of IDing.

  • Paul Carter

    Hi Richard. I got back from Ethiopia 12 hr ago and had a couple of these at Fantale as well. Agree with what Jon says and I think it is African Sheath-tail and not the two options of Taphozous present in Ethiopia ie Mauritian and Egyptian (perforatus). Vladimir had perforatus at Fantale but yours and mine do not look either Taphozous (see Kingdon’s guide for sketches, noting eye size and ears). Cheers, Paul


    Thanks Jon & Paul. Have looked at other photos online and Kingdon and agree with both of you that it appears to be African Sheath-tailed. Regards Richard

  • AfriBats

    Hi Richard, please share with https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/afribats, we’re happy to help with IDs! Many thanks.

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