North Atlantic Right Whale bonanza

After getting a tip about 25-30 North Atlantic Right Whales in Cape Cod Bay I went up yesterday to try for them.  I’ve been wanting to see this species all my life and since they’re on their way to extinction I figure the best time to see them would be ASAP from their winter/spring feeding grounds.  And since I was told it’s not likely to see them from a boat when I go up in May for a ocean cruise I decided this was the time since they were there now.  So I raced up to Brant Rock near Marshfield, MA, and scanned the water for any sign of them.  There were a few Harbor Seals on the rocks and lots of ocean birds, but no whales until I glanced south towards Duxbury Beach Park when I saw one blow and then disappear.  I figured it would be better to try down there so raced down to that area and immediately saw blows off shore from halfway out to Provincetown to within a quarter mile of shore!  They were everywhere!  I had at least 18!  Probably more were seen, but with them moving back and forth everywhere it was hard to make an exact count.  They were fluke slapping, rolling, showing there heads and backs, and one even spy-hopped.  All this from shore.  Who needs a boat!  I couldn’t have asked for better looks except being on a boat.  What a wonderful experience.  Unfortunatley the haze made for poor photos so didn’t get any.

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