Sei Whales off of Massachusetts

Whale watch boats on Stellwagen bank have produced Sei Whales for the last two weekends.  Today we likely had 20+ individuals, with numerous individuals around the boat for most of the trip.  Also excellent numbers of Humpbacks with lots of fun activity, and decent showings of Fin and Minke.  Right Whales continue from shore near Duxbury as of Thursday. To my knowledge, whale watch boats are being run out of the Gloucester area only on weekends. Not sure what the schedule from Provincetown is, but I’m also not certain whether those boats are visiting the area where Sei Whales are being seen.


  • Nathan Ranc

    I did a whale watch from Provincetown last weekend. It gave good views of humpbacks as well as minke whale, fin whale and atlantic white-sided dolphin. There are excursions twice per day (including week days). It does not seem they have had high recurrence of sei whales though (it seems they mostly visit the coastal areas around the Cape). I spotted what I believe was a right whale from shore from Race Point but there were too many waves and the observation too distant to confirm the identification 100%. From the map of live records of right whales, it seems that most of the observations are around Gloucester…

    With which company did you see the sei whales? Did you leave from Boston?

  • Jon Hall

    Nice! I saw Sei Whales at this time of year in 2013 there – seems like late April is the time for them and the Northern Right Whales.

  • Andrew Block

    Nice stuff. I saw 18+ Right Whales in April from Duxbury Bch. Quite amazing. My trip out of Gloucester yesterday was cancelled so I was very bummed. I guess I’ll go with Cape Ann W.W. next time.

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