Mammal Watching Europe – Facebook group

Dear all

We started a Facebook group ‘Mammal Watching Europe’ two weeks ago.
The idea is to connect the European community and to share knowledge. This might produce some nice mammal watching weekends and meeting people nearby sharing the same passion.

Looking forward to more members and some nice conversations 🙂

Sophie and Manuel

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  • jo dale

    Hi this is great! We are looking for a short break away somewhere (long weekend) with some easy mammal watching and not expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are in the UK. My other half doesn’t really want anything too hardcore, so no trekking jungles until 3 am etc!

    I’ve done brown bears, wolf and wolverine in Finland, lynx in Spain, not much else in Europe. I’d like to do Norway or icelandine but even just getting there is quite pricey..



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