Hi, Everyone,

I have been researching ‘tactical’ hand-held LED flashlights for general spotlighting and would be grateful for any advice. My budget is around £100 / $75. and my wish list includes:

Around 800 lumens max.

Focusable – with good throw on narrow bean, say 1000′ / 300m

Filters available (e.g. red)

Standard battery preferred (due to ready availability when travelling)

But I am quite open to being challenged on any of these. I need it for working forests and would like something that is also suitable for open country, savannah etc. – hence good throw.

I like the look of the Fenix FD45AA.

Any advice? Thanks.




  • Charles

    Hi Miles,

    I haven’t used the PD45AA flashlight, but I have 4 Fenix torches and they are all excellent. I’ve been through numerous torches in the past 10 years, looking for the perfect one for spotlighting, and will now only buy Fenix and they have been hands down the most reliable. I sometimes use the TK35 for spotlighting. Its slightly on the high end of your budget, and more powerful than what you’re looking for, but it has 4 different lumen levels and I imagine the 3rd level is about 800-1000 lumens. And it never hurts to have a step up in lumens occasionally if you need them.


  • Miles Foster

    Thanks, Charles,

    I will look at the TK35.


  • Jon Hall

    I too have a Fenix (the UC30) which I have been very happy with. Its tiny, seems adequate for the forest at least and the rechargeable battery life is excellent. I guess you are looking for something bigger but I am certainly happy with the brand.

    Flashlight technology has changed so much in 15 years! I used to fly round the world with a couple of sealed motorbike batteries (that would not only use half my luggage allowance but would also trigger many interesting conversations at the airport)… and then you had to lug those batteries (which lasted about an hour) through the forest, occasionally setting fire to your shirt when the spotlight cables would connect. Happy days!

    • Miles Foster

      Thanks, John,

      I’ll look at the UC30 – small is good! Your memories of the motorbike batteries raised a smile!


  • Paul Carter

    Hi Miles. I have various Fenix models. The Fenix LD41 LED Flashlight 2015 Edt also fits most of your parameters. It is $76 and has 960 lumens, using 4 AA. But without red filter. It might be easier to hold against a camera lens than the FD45. The LD 41 looks longer, slimmer. I have neither of the above but the TK41 (using 8 AA) is still my favourite in forest. I always used to go for models using AA for the reason you mention but recently switched to models using the 18650 batteries but the batteries are more expensive and essential to have a car-charging system when travelling. Rgds, Paul Carter

    • Miles Foster

      Thanks, Paul,

      yes, I agree a car charger would be essential for the 18650’s and its just one more thing to carry. But I am keeping an open mind. I will definitely look at the LD41 and TK41.


  • Manuel Baumgartner

    Look also at the Olight M3XS-UT Javelot, very good focus!

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