Javan Rhino Expedition 2019 – Spaces Available Now

Royle Safaris is now opening our Javan Rhino Expedition for 2019. We have managed to special permits that allow our group to enter the core region of Ujong Kulon National Park. We will be camping inside the park and basing our search along a little known river deep inside the park. This river has had more sightings (4-5) in the past couple of years than any other location inside the park for many years.

Whilst we still require a good amount of luck to get a sighting of the world’s rarest large mammal, we will be the only groups entering the right area and dedicating time to finding this incredible animal.

Please find the brochure for this trip on the below link, if anyone is interested please contact me here or email me at

Javan Rhino Expedition – 2019

In addition to our unique Javan Rhino Expedition we also have the optional extension (pre or post the Javan Rhino Expedition) which focuses on other endemic mammals of Java, such as Javan gibbons, Javan ferret-badger, Javan warty pig, Javan mousedeer, Javan slow loris, Javan lutung and Javan surili. You can find out more information on the brochure on the below link.

Endemic Mammals of Java Extension – 2019

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