Two squirrel books for North America and the World

You may or may not have heard of these two books on squirrels.  I just got a used copy of both Squirrels of North America by Tamara Eder and Squirrels of the World by Richard Thorington, et al.  Both are wonderful books in my opinion.  I have another of Tamara’s books on squirrels of the West which is also good.  I love her drawings and the descriptions are well done too.  I feel that the maps are good though the fox squirrel one includes NJ, where there are none, and more of PA and NY in the range than should be there.  Squirrels of the World is a book I had wanted to get for a long time and I am very satisfied with it.  I do think that some of the photos should not have been published since they are blurry or very dark, but that’s just me:-)  I was surprised to see several photos from Jon and Coke in it.   Congrats to both of you and any other contributors to this blog who were published in it if that’s the case.




  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Andrew. I think I am probably one of the photographers whose photos were probably too blurred to be used (at least for one image)! I do know the editors tried very hard to find pictures for every species but it seems for some there just weren’t any images to be found. It is pretty cool that the community on this site were able to track some down for them.

    • Conuropsis

      No Jon. They were from other people. It’s just my pet peeve being a book nut. I feel if the photo is out of focus or to dark it’s better not to put it in. I do love the book though.

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