2 Travel Companions Sought for 2019 Kenya Trip

My wife and I are looking for two non-smokers to join us in Kenya next year.  All accommodations are private and we would have a private vehicle for the 4 of us.  Of course, the final itinerary is subject to change if our travel mates prefer some changes.  Here is what we have so far.


The trip would be in Feb 2019 with the tentative dates being Feb 10th to Feb 23rd but that is flexible based on camp availability.


– 1 night Eka Hotel Nairobi

– 1 night Nairobi NP (Tented Camp)

– 3 nights Porini Ambroseli in Selenkay Conservancy (Fly from Nairobi)

– 4 nights Porini Mara in Ol Kinyei/Naboisho (Fly from Ambroseli)

– 4 nights Porini Lion in OMC (ground transfer from Porini Mara)

– Fly back to Nairobi

– Day room at Eka Hotel if needed

While mammals are obviously the focus we are also interested in seeing Africa’s herps and birds since this would be our first trip.

The catch is that Porini has special pricing that is likely to expire at the end of June.  So, a commitment is needed before then.  Email me for costs and more details if you are interested (alan at FocusedOnNature dot com).


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