New Trip Report: England

  1. Leslie Sokolow 1 week ago

    How did you get a walking permit to visit Wytham Woods Nature Reserve? Their website says they will only mail them to a UK address?

  2. John Wright 3 days ago

    Hi Vladimir, I know the UK is rather depleted when it comes to mammals but I wouldn’t say that seeing an Exmoor Pony – a domestic ‘horse’ (albeit an ancient breed) would be a highlight of a mammal watching visit to Britain! But each to their own I guess. Water Voles and Water Shrews aside (presumably the Water Shrews were in the water or at the waters edge) how did you identify the mice/voles/shrews you saw to species using an image intensifier? I ask because a friend who uses one says he finds it near on impossible to id rodents/shrews. Is it a matter of more practice/experience? To be fair on him it isn’t always that easy to id rodents/shrews in a spotlight or car headlights.

  3. Mike Robinson 1 day ago

    Hi Vladimir
    Can you guide me how you got your 10 Water Shrews? I’ve found it almost impossible to get satisfactory views of this species. ATB

  4. Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets
    Vladimir Dinets 10 hours ago

    I wasn’t looking for them, just walking around with a thermal imager. One pair actually chased each other, squeaking, and ran within a foot from my feet.

    • Mike Robinson 8 hours ago

      Thanks. Mike

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