Charismatic Mammals

Here’s a paper seeking to put some science into deciding which animals are most charismatic, a discussion that has happened on this forum on and off.  Good to see so many mammals on the list, though a few results are a bit suprising to me.

What are your thoughts?



  • Fiona Reid

    No bats or rats, or even nice fluffy marsupials – but sharks and crocs are charismatic???
    My #1 would be kinkajou.

  • Peter Apps

    This is certainly intuitive; ” Cute was never selected for the great white shark”. !

    But on the other hand crocodiles are on the scale for cute, so someone must think that they are.

    This; “and only half of the species are described as Endangered, despite the fact that they are all endangered, is factually incorrect, and should never have got past peer review.

    And this; “Interestingly, the panda is the only species associated with both traits, suggesting that in the public’s view, an endangered species is not necessarily rare.” is concerning.

    I would love to see an analysis of donor funding vs charisma.

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