Coyote and Woodland Vole sighting

Just wanted to report the Coyote and Woodland Vole I saw today.  In Purchase, NY, I had a Coyote just standing there on the lawn of the MasterCard HQ off of Rte. 120/Purchase St. at about 8:10am today.  It was about 200 feet or so onto the lawn as viewed from the road on the right side of the entrance road.  Also seen this am about 9:55 was a great sighting of a half wet Woodland Vole in the lawn of 5 Cardinal Circle, Monroe, CT, as I was sitting waiting for a certain bird to come by.  At first I thought Meadow Vole when I saw it in the lawn moving around about 10 feet from me.  When I got up to it and looked closely at it I realized what it was.  I couldn’t believe this little guy was so tame and only acted defensive when I poked at it.  I eventually got it back to the tree line by lightly poking it where it sat and groomed and ate acorns.  It was acting very strange for a vole, very tame and conspicuous out in the lawn so far from cover.  It probably would’ve be taken by the Red-shouldered Hawk family in the area had I not protected it.  Of course this was the one day I decided not to bring my camera with me!   It was only the second vole of that species I’ve seen and definately  the longest and closest sighting of one I will probably ever have.  Also seen were Red Squirrel, E. Cottontail, E. Chipmunk, E. Gray Squirrel, and Woodchuck.

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