Pulsar Imaging Scope Accessories?

I’m heading (back) to Shiripuno Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon in a couple weeks, where I’ll be trying out my new Pulsar Quantum XQ23. I’m looking for a couple accessories:

  1. Has anyone found a good way to attach a laser pointer to the imaging scope?
  2.  How do  you carry your thermal scope in the field? I find the OEM pouch to be clunky. I’m thinking about attaching a belt clip, but I’d prefer something that affords more protection to the scope.



  • Paul Carter

    Hi Ben. In the field I have the scope hung around my neck (using the one mount on the side of the scope); it is easy then to drop it and swop to your bins. I have a soft neoprene camera lens pouch on my belt for periods not in use, which works fine. Paul

  • Cole Justice

    Cole here, with Pulsar.

    There is a tripod mount (on the bottom for Helions, on the side for your Quantum). I know of several manufacturers that make mounts for lasers that will fit that slot – you will need to look either in the law enforcement/tactical space or the construction space for those mounts. I wish I could recommend some but I’ve never used them myself.

    The same slot can be used to mount a D-ring to hold a sling, or you could remove the hand strap and install a similar but longer piece that could go over your shoulder or neck.

    I’ve passed on your feedback to the developers. I would love to see them come up with some kind of solution for this outside the standard carry pouch the unit ships with.

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