Rodent ID Help

Hi all.  We have some rodents that I constantly see around our yard here in Northern Pima County Arizona.  I am pretty sure we have the infamous Pack Rat (White-throated Woodrat) and also at least one species of Pocket Mouse.  The problem is, I don’t know which Pocket Mouse species since according to what I have read both range and coloration can overlap.

I have attached a few pictures that I was hoping for help ID’ing.

Pics 1 &2: I am hoping for confirmation that this is the White-throated Woodrat

Pics 3&4: Are of the same mouse

Pics 5&6: Are of the same mouse but a different one than above

Pic 7: Another pocket mouse of some sort that was seen about 10 feet from the White-throated Woodrat and then bounded away with huge leaps.  I thought that was strange behavior for a Pocket Mouse.

Pic 8&9: Another Pocket Mouse seen at the entrance to the White-throated Woodrat hole and actually went into that hole when I got closer.

Any help is appreciated.




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