New Trip Report: Sangha Lodge, Central African Republic

Hello all, I just returned from a superb couple of weeks in Gabon … a trip report will take some time I think. Meanwhile I have a backlog of reports to post and here’s the first.

Sangha Lodge, 2018: Ewan Davies, 3 weeks & 37 species including Gabon Squirrel Galago, De Brazza’s Monkey and Giant Forest Hogs.




  • tomeslice

    Great report!
    How I miss that place.
    And nice picture of the De Brazza’s monkey! You mention they nest/sleep 100m west of the lodge.. I think I saw them not far from there. Was it along the little river?


  • Ewan

    Hi Tomer, I thought I’d replied, but it doesn’t seem to have come through. Generally they were not far from the the start of the Masesi trail, between the river and the trail, before the turn for the short loop. Later in the day the moved about a bit, but over the 3 weeks they were pretty static

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