ID question rodent Andes in S Peru

  1. Elias Sadalla Filho 4 years ago

    Hi Pieter,

    Do you any other photos?

    It seems to be: ALTIPLANO CHINCHILA MOUSE Chinchillula sahamae

  2. amblonyx 4 years ago

    Is it not more likely a Bolivian Big-eared Mouse? (Auliscomys boliviensis)

    Here’s one we found in the Andes in Chile:

  3. Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

    Chinchilla mouse would have much brighter coloration, with pure white underparts. I’m pretty sure it’s an Auliscomys. All three Auliscomys species are common in Colca area (or at least were common when I was there in 1995). It’s difficult to tell them apart without measurements, but A. sublimis typically has white upper surface of hindfeet, and A. pictus tends to be more golden-colored, so A. boliviensis is the most likely.

  4. Author
    Pieter de Groot Boersma 4 years ago

    Hi guys,

    No other pictures, it is a video still but the animal didn’t move.

    Will put it down as a Auliscomys species.


    Best regards,

    Pieter de Groot Boersma

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