Genet ID

We are currently writing the report of our recent trip to Ethiopia. We saw three genets in Awash National Park and Alledeghe and they all seemed to be different species to us. Sadly we don’t have a picture of the first one and we should have focus on the tails but this is what we observed:

  1. (No picture) We are almost certain that this one was a small spotted genet because of it’s greyish color and the black dots.
  2. We think of a small spotted genet because there seems to be a crest but sadly we didn’t see the tail.

3.  We think of the Abyssinian Genet mainly because of the stripes.

We would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

Sophie and Manuel


  • Chris Roche

    I’m no genet expert but your description for genet 1 sounds good for small-spotted (Genetta genetta). Genet 2 I would have called blotched (G maculata). I’ve never seen an Ethiopian genet myself but I think your genet 3 is a good fit for G abyssinica … based on the yellowish ground colour and what appears to be striping/streaking parallel to the spine rather than the spots of the other two species covered here.

  • Theo Linders

    2 looks perfect for Small-spotted genet to me.

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