W African Manatee at Pointe-Saint-Georges

This is the fresh water spring in the Casamance River that the Manatees come to at low tide. Search the site for Senegal to find Cheryl Antonucci’s trip report with the Oceanic Society.

There is also a tour company that offers 110cc scooters  to tour from Dakar to southern Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. Their  normal route includes a night on Carabane Island which is about 10 miles from Pointe-Saint-Georges and they say they can arrange a visit to the springs. They already have a boat to get to Carabane Island so it seems pretty simple.


Their group trips are not necessarily hard core wildlife trips but it looks like a lot of fun (if you are comfortable riding a scooter). A lot of what I have read about West Africa has been positive.

The 8 day trip on December 9, 2018 is definitely going to run and has open places; I am thinking about it if I can find a decent air fare to Dakar.


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  • John Fox

    One of the guys from Scoot West Africa has posted a trip report to Pointe-Saint-Georges, see


    Lots of details about how to go on your own, a decent hotel to start from, there is a basic ecolodge with food at PSG. November to January is reported to be the best time. So if you find yourself in Ziguinchor with nothing to do, there you go 🙂

    They also run a hotel/restaurant in Bamako, Mali and their web site has some good information about traveling in West Africa, although most of the country links are not done. I think their recommendations would be pretty reliable.


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