Wesbite problems …. sorry

If anyone has been looking at the country pages on mammalwatching.com and wondering where the list of trip repors have gone then I am sorry. I am also sorry if you are trying to submit a post and getting nowhere. It is all my fault: karma paying me back for bragging about Giant Pangolins I reckon.

In a moment of rash overconfidence yesterday I tried to tinker with the website myself to fix a glitch. I fixed the glitch but created 30 new ones in its place. You know how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing … well I am a major disaster waiting to happen as soon as I get involved with wordpress.

My buddy who does all the site work for me is on holiday so it may be a few days before I – by which I mean he – can fix this. The country reports are all still there … just invisible for now. So if you are urgently looking for a particular report – or set of country reports – let me know and I can email the list to you.  I can also post stuff on people’s behalf.  Meanwhile, if anyone is a WordPress developer and can take a look then I would love to hear from you!



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