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Hey everyone,

I was set to leave on my Northern California trip for this week and had to cancel b/c of nonstop rain and other bad conditions. I still really want to do a bday trip this week so checked the weather for Southern Arizona and it looks favorable. I am in the middle of packing so my copy of Vladimir’s finding mammals book is packed, so I wanted to ask for recommendations. I was thinking so far of going to madera canyon, saguaro national park and areas around tucson etc. I now November isn’t ideal but I would love to try to see coatis, skunks, yellow nose cotton rats, tropical birds etc. Do you all have any good ideas for that area? I am going from Torrance Ca and can go all the way to the border of New Mexico and Arizona if need be.

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  • Alan D

    Hi gskipper. The weather in Tucson this week is spectacular. Clear, sunny, highs in the low 70’s. It’s a great time to visit unless you are looking for reptiles which have all pretty much disappeared now.

    It sounds like you already know the local hotspots like Madera Canyon and Saguaro National Park. They are recommended as is Sweetwater and Mt Lemmon. I haven’t ventured to any of these recently but they are always typically good for mammals. The dirt roads in Avra Valley are good for night cruising. Further away from Tucson, Cave Creek Canyon in the Portal area is also typically good.

    I know a spot for Antelope Jackrabbits that I may be visiting this weekend so if you are interested, let me know.

    I believe there are some pretty detailed AZ trip reports posted that you can reference as well. Feel free to ask any detailed questions and I will help out where I can.


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