Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – September 2019

Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – 2019

Tawau Hills Wildlife Extension – 2019

Royle Safaris has a specialist mammal watching tour of Sabah planned for September 2019 (8-22) there are currently two people booked on the trip, with room for up to 5 more people. The trip visits three of the top mammal watching locations in Sabah; Deramakot, Sukau (along the Kinabatangan River) and Tabin. We will be targeting all of the mammals in these areas. Many of the species are very elusive and so we cannot guarantee any of the rare mammals, but species such as Sunda clouded leopard, sun bear, proboscis monkey, Borneo orangutan, flat-headed cat, binturong, banded civet, Sunda leopard cat, marbled cat, Asiatic elephant and many more are all targeted.

We will have expert local guidance in each location, including Mike when in Deramakot. We also have a zoologist escort with much experience in Borneo and SE Asia accompanying the entire trip. We have extended night drives in Deramakot and Tabin (after special negotiations) to help us in our desire to spot many of the rare mammals (which are nocturnal); as well as specially extended night river safaris for flat-headed cats along the Kinabatangan and its tributaries. We also have a thermal imaging scope to help us in our efforts. As mentioned there are no guarantees in seeing the species we hope for, however our effort will be maximum in our attempts.

We also have an optional extension (pre-tour) to Tawau Hills National Park. This itinerary was pioneered by Royle Safaris in 2018 and resulted in many mammals species, including Whitehead’s pygmy squirrel, Brook’s squirrel, banded civet, whiskered flying squirrel and Kayan slow loris (among others). There is also dedicated time whilst here for really rare mammals such as tufted ground squirrels, bay cat and Hose’s civet.

For anyone interested in this trip (and or the extension) please feel free to comment here or contact me (Martin Royle) direct at


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