New Trip Report – South Africa

  1. Zhou 12 months ago

    Thank you Jon, Marrick has been on my must-visited list.

    As for the sengi in Marrick, many reports id it to be Karoo Rock Sengi (Elephantulus pilicaudus ). However I find Marrick may be out of its distribution So are you sure it is the right species or sp. else?

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
      Jon Hall 12 months ago

      Well spotted Zhou! This is not my report but I have also noticed that people are now identifying the Sengi there as Karoo Rock Sengi. I think this is because the guide at Marrick has been told that is the species there by some researchers. But I am not sure of what research or how certain the researchers are. I would like to know more – so if anyone knows for sure which species is there I would be interested to know.

  2. Mark B 12 months ago

    After visiting Marrick last year and watching the Sengis in the south of the farm I spent a bit of time trying to put them down to a species. I thought it was well out of the current known range for Karoo Rock and most likely fitted Eastern Rock. Maybe Marrick is on the overlap between Eastern and Western? I did find an interesting paper when I was originally reading up but can’t seem to find it now. Not sure how accurate but HMW seems to also point to Eastern.Either way what a great mammal to watch and enjoy. Look forward to hear other options.

  3. Samuel 11 months ago

    Yes, Jon is absolutely right. It is our guide who told us what we observed was a Karoo Rock Sengi. So I simply trusted him and reported what he said.
    I did not catch one for a blood sample for a DNA analysis to check if this was actually a Western or Eastern rock Sengi, lol !

    • Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
      Mattia from Italy 11 months ago

      The guides are the wonderful Johnnie and his dad! Johnnie is really one of the best guide I ever had: very passionate, never tired and extremely sharp-eyed.

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