i search places for Bairds Tapir in Costa Rica


i will go to Costa Rica in december. I am searching goog spots to see Bairds Tapir. I know Sirena Station in Corcovadao NP (i have been there in 2010), but i search other places that are easyer or cheaper to reach in mornings or evenings.

(and Sirena will be also in the programme). Also places to see the Tamandua are welcome.

If you know goog local guides for this species, this information is also welcome.


Jorn Van Den Bogaert from Belgium




  • Bob

    Corcovado is the best place and almost a sure thing if you stay overnight. I think there might might a couple of lodge not in the park that might give you a chance. Santa Rosa has some but hard to see. Tamandu also at Corcovado. I used Kenneth Mora as guide.

  • Conuropsis

    I have heard that both tapir and jaguars can be seen along the beach on the Osa Peninsula at night. I have seen a tamandua on the grounds of the Lookout Inn in Carate just east of Corcovado. I have also seen one in Carara N.P. in western CR. I was the guide on my three trips so can’t help with that part:-)

  • Ben Balmford

    We saw both tamandua and Baird’s tapir multiple times in Corcovado (and tayra). A fantastic place, though you now can’t go out there at night. Stephen Masis was our guide https://www.utopiadrakeoutdoors.com can not recommend him highly enough – absolutely brilliant

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