New Zealand: Short-tailed Bat


I visited New Zealand again. Of course I had to try to see the Short-tailed Bat, its own family!
On the evening of the 29.01.19 I visited the Pureora Forest Park, where I heard/recorded a bat near -38.515956, 175.569696 on the timber trail. The bat passed by every few minutes. I did not have record it while walking (only very weak signal), but when I sat down and kept quiet. I do not know if that was a coincidence or if this species is shy. The forest is enlightened by glowworms and absolutely beautiful, the nicest I have seen in New Zealand! Unfortunately, I had to leave the area soon after and missed Long-tailed bat, which is apparently more common around the forest edge.

The calls on my Echo Meter Touch exactly match the description given in a paper on the call ID of the New Zealand bats:
Parsons, Stuart. “Identification of New Zealand bats (Chalinolobus tuberculatus and Mystacina tuberculata) in flight from analysis of echolocation calls by artificial neural networks.” Journal of Zoology 253.4 (2001): 447-456.

In Aukland the Whale watching was cancelled, but I was compensated by one of the regular Leopard Seals in the harbour. Probably best to check in the specific Facebook groups where animals are seen.

I also have some report drafts that I have to finish up and identify the last species: If you are going to Australia (East Coast, Alice Spring, Perth region, Tasmania) or Thailand (Khao Yai) soon, please don’t hesitate to message me.




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