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I visited Estonia twice in 2010 (with Estonian Nature Tours) and 2011. I liked the country, the people and its wildlife, very much.

Estonian Nature Tours

Estonia is a land of great natural beauty. With its Siberian-like forests, Scandinavian peat-bogs, watermeadows full of geese and waders, and a fascinating coastline, together with a low human population, empty roads and excellent infrastructure, Estonia has rapidly become a favourite wildlife destination in Europe.

Estonian forests are renowned in Europe for their healthy populations of mammals with around 700-800 Lynx, over 150 Wolves, 500-600 Brown Bears and almost 20 000 Beavers – tremendous numbers for such a small country. In all, sixty-four species of mammals have been recorded in Estonia including several European rarities including European Mink, several species of dormouse and Eurasian Flying Squirrel.

Estonian Nature Tours is running two tours this year concentrating on Mammals and Birds. They are offering a 5% discount to mammal watchers

Tour dates of the year 2019 are Fri 3rd May – Fri 10th May and Fri 6th Sep – Fri 13th Sep . If travelling from the UK  you can book flights from London Gatwick with Easyjet, or from other airports with Finnair, SAS, Ryanair or Air Baltic.

Price: 1695 € pp.


Mammals: Racoon Dog, Red Fox, Elk, Roe Deer, Flying Squirrel (in dusk 80% quaranteed), Wild Boar (difficult! African swine fever), Brown Bear (99%), European Beaver (95%), tracks and droppings of Lynx and Wolves etc.

Birds: Bittern, Long-tailed Duck, Black Stork, peak spring migration of waterfowls, Ural Owl, Pygmy Owl, Golden Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Black Grouse, Capercaillie (probably), Corncrake, Great Snipe, Whimbrel, White-backed Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Citrine Wagtail, Savi´s Warbler, Penduline Tit, Golden Oriole etc.

Gallery by Luke Massey

Gallery by Klaas Huwel

How I met a Lynx

For futher information on any of  Wildlife trips we have on offer, plus booking details, terms and conditions please visit  and choose TOUR CALENDAR from the left menu. Or phone or e-mail us for a detailed itinerary, stating the name of trip.

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