And The Winners Are …. The 2018 N.U.T.T.E.R Awards

Move over Pullitzer and Nobel Prizes. Oscars and Olympic Golds be damned. Here are the real over achievers for 2018.

Thank you to all who sent nominations and voted for Mammalwatching’s most Notable, Unique, Tantalizing, Tenacious and Enlightening Reports: The N.U.T.T.E.R Awards for 2018.

A reminder that only reports covering 2018 were in scope for these awards. Please start taking notes about this year’s reports that you want to nominate!

And … drum roll … the winners are:

Best Trip (Independent)

Valentin Moser, MOROCCO

Runner Up: Charles Foley, TANZANIA BIG MAMMAL DAY

Best Trip (Guided)

Jon Hall, GABON


Most Pioneering Trip

Joint Winners

Frans De Schamphelaere, TAJIKISTAN

John Weir, CHAD,

Most Informative Reporter/Forum Member

Vladimir Dinets

Runner Up: Richard Webb

Best Mega Mammal

Giant Pangolin — Jon Hall, GABON

Runner Up: Giant Panda – Rauno Väisänen, SICHUAN,

Best Obscure Mammal (i.e. a species almost no one has heard of)

Dwarf Bharal – Ralf Bürglin, YUNNAN

Runner Up: Dibatag and Speke’s Pectinator – Stefan Lithner, SOMALI AND GONDAR REGIONS, ETHIOPIA

Best Close Encounter

Javan Rhino – Royle Safaris, feeding – just 4ft from canoe – could have touched her nose,

Runner Up: Giant Pangolin x 2 — Jon Hall,

Most Frustrating Miss (or Partial Miss).

Failing to photograph several Mainland Clouded Leopards, Jens Hauser

Runner Up: Giant panda and cub, dung so fresh it was still warm. Could hear movement but bamboo too thick to follow them (Royle Safaris)

Congratulations to everyone and to Ralf Bürglin’s wife who has set the bar pretty high when it comes to rewarding the special mammalwatcher in their life. I hope he uses his new lens for something equally obscure and interesting in 2019.


  • tomeslice

    This is great!

    I will keep my eye out for outstanding trip reports and mammal encounters for 2019.


  • johnpw2

    Congratulations one and all.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Ooh… I’d like to thank the Academy… seriously, it’s great to know people are reading those reports 🙂

  • samuel

    Congratulations to all the winners !!

  • Ralf Bürglin

    Thank you voters.
    Thank you Jon for organizing the awards. It is for sure worth it.
    The awards will make mammal watching more popular.
    I will contribute my share by giving an interview to my local newspaper.
    Thank you wife for being so generous and rewarding me for my “oscar” with a new lens. It is already ordered.
    Cheers, Ralf

  • Jens Hauser

    Thank you for all that have voted or my sad story. I will do my best to get something more joyful for next year;)

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