Rio Negro and Solimoes River Nature Tour

This is a report written for a general audience, not really for mammal-watchers, but we did do quite a lot of nocturnal stalking and so got a reasonable list of mammals. I’ve added the species list at the end. I do both mammal/bat intense trips and also these more general nature trips on various parts of the river systems from Manaus.  The next one will be with Jon in October (I’m guessing that might be kind of intense), then I have 1, 2 or even 3 in 2020. Please contact me for details.

Fiona Reid

2019 Amazon River report

  1. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 1 year ago

    Intense … Why do you say that?

  2. Cheryl Antonucci 1 year ago

    As usual for you looks amazing! I’m also ready for some intense and amazing primate encounters!

  3. Profile photo of FionaR Author
    FionaR 1 year ago

    Thanks Cheryl!

  4. Andrew Block 1 year ago

    As usual an amazing trip Fiona. Would love to join someday, but beyond my price range I’m sure:-(

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