New Trip Report: Sangha Lodge, Central African Republic

Here’s a report from a December 2017 visit to wonderful Sangha Lodge.

C.A.R, 2017: Daniel Hoops, 1 week & around 25 species including Bongo, Giant Forest Hog and Lord Derby’s and Beecroft’s Anomalures.




  • tomeslice

    Great report!!

    You got lucky on the Bongos!
    We came to the ecosystem during what we believed was the “best time of the year” to see them, visited the Bai for 3 full days, and didn’t see them.

    Regarding the white-bellied pangolins – they can be seen, but we saw 1 after many many hours of seraching (on night 6 of 9). We also almost missed it, but luckily Luc paid attention to the leaves rustling, which I dismissed, thinking it was a small lizard that ran off.

    Regarding the red river hogs – I think they rarely visit the bai during the day. You’d have to get there really early in the morning or stay later toward the evening… maybe I’m wrong – but that’s what I gathered. Charles Foley saw them when he stayed the night at the Bai.

    Good stuff!! Happy to see that this place keeps delivering the goodies 🙂

  • Ewan

    Great Report Daniel. I help out at Sangha lodge, mostly remotely, I’m heading out there at the start of June for a 3 week trip via Cameroon and Lobeke National park. Short notice I know, but there will be 2 free spots in the vehicle, If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know. It’s not an easy road but this is an opportunity to spend some time in a very special location.

  • Lennartv

    Sounds like a great trip Ewan! If you are going to spotlight in Lobeke I will be very interested to hear if you encounter African Golden Cat like in this report: Looks like a great place anyway!

  • Ewan

    Thanks. I know that report very well. That and a thread on here about Id-ing squirrels and galagos was invaluable to me when I first went there last summer. I will write up the Cameroon part of trip and anything new I find round Sangha, so keep an eye out. We have kayaks now so hopefully I’ll find the otter this time

  • Cathy Pasterczyk

    Please post the animals you can not identify on iNaturalist. Maybe that community can help.

  • Lennartv

    Hi Ewan, it’s been a few months. I was curious what kind of succes you had in Cameroon, especially in Lobeke, could you maybe share a bit from your trip there?

  • Ewan

    Yes, I should have finished writing it up by now, but you know how it is. Life gets in t he way. The trip was great although travel in Cameroon is long and you don’t see a lot along the way. Lobeke has a lot of potential, it’s all camping and on foot though with little chance to do anything after dark. The highlight was a chimp and gorillas at the same Bai. As well as bongo and a lot of sitatunga at grand saline. Unfortunately a bridge out meant a long detour so I lost a night there.

    Sangha remains spectacular and I saw most of what I saw last year again plus palm civet, white bellied pangolin, red river hog and a few others.

    I was also unlucky to miss out on Congo clawless otter and golden angwantibo.

    I’ll finish the report soon but you want more details, on logistics or anything else, contact me on my Sangha lodge info email as per the website

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