New Trip Report: Oaxaca

Venkat Sankar continues to unravel Mexico’s mammalian secrets.

Oaxaca, 2019: Venkat Sankar, 5 days & 27 species including Tarabundi Vole, Oaxaca Giant Deer Mouse, White-sided Jackrabbit and Pale Spear-nosed Bat.



  • kittykat23uk

    The ONE thing I really want to see in Mexico is a volcano rabbit. I have always wanted to see one every since I read Gerald Durrel’s book.

    A white sided jackrabbit wold be a very nice bonus..

    • Venkat Sankar

      Volcano Rabbits are very easy to see at Milpa Alta, a rural district near Mexico City, in a community conservation area on the slopes of Volcan el Pelado.

      I went there in 2016 and saw a few easily in a morning; Jon went there last May and did the same. The site is easy to access, but you need a contact who can arrange a visit with the community. Juan organized the visits for both of us.

      For White-sided Jackrabbits (IMO the prettiest Jackrabbit), the best site is reportedly Ojuelos de Jalisco, near Guadalajara. I’m thinking of going there in August.

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