Maine Trip – 14 species

Just returned from a 2 1/2 week vacation in Maine.  It was a trip to visit a friend in the mountains and to go to my old haunts on the coast and was looking for anything.  Saw lots of birds, leps, and cool plants, but was impressed by the number of mammals seen.  Most species were seen in the western and northern parts of the state.  I have good photos of some of them but haven’t worked on them yet.  If anyone wants to know specifics just email me.  Species are as follows:

1 Woodland Jumping Mouse, 7 Moose (incl. 2 calves, one bull), 5+ Woodchucks, 6+ Red Squirrels, 2 Eastern Gray Squirrels, 2 North American Porcupines (incl. a juvenile), 4 White-tailed Deer (incl. 1 buck), 1 Common Gray Fox, 2 Red Foxes (both curious kits), 1 Northern Raccoon, 1 Striped Skunk (seen in the day, very boldly marked with long plume-like tail more like a Hooded),  1 Snowshoe Hare, 2 Little Brown Bats, and 5+ Eastern Chipmunks.


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