Help with rodent ID – Paraguay

  1. Michael l Javick 4 months ago

    It’s a democrat. They are quite a nuisance on both coasts of the unites States !

    • Vladimir Dinets 4 months ago

      Democrats might be a nuisance, but they help control nasty parasites such as pubic lice, Republicans and bedbugs.

  2. Profile photo of Antee Author
    Antee 3 months ago

    Sorry guys but I prefer a serious answer instead of nonsense. But it was a bit funny though ūüôā

  3. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 3 months ago

    Have you checked the information here ?


  4. Vladimir Dinets 3 months ago

    Antee, did you see its tail? How long was it? Furry or naked?

    • Profile photo of Antee Author
      Antee 3 months ago

      If I remember correctly the tail was in proportion of the body, as long as the body and it was naked…

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