Advertising: Endemic Mammals of the Dominican Republic (Solenodon specialist trip) – 24th – 28th February 2020

The Caribbean is not widely known for its mammal life, or even much terrestrial wildlife at all. And it is right that many species have become extinct since the arrival of Europeans to the New World in the 1400’s. But there are some species still, mostly clinging to existence in the more remote areas of the larger islands such as Jamaica, Cuba and Hispaniola.

The two main mammals that we will be looking for on this trip are the Hispaniolan solenodon and Hispaniolan hutia, they are both endemic to Hispaniola (although largely extinct in Haiti). The solenodon is so unusual that its description defies belief, about the size of a house cat, with an awkward and slow gait, they look like oversized shrews that have a venomous bite and a ball and socket joint on their nose. Hutias are giant arboreal beavers in appearance and struggle to survive as they are favoured for food and suffer when deforestation occurs. This short trip is one that will fascinate anyone interested in rare and unusual wildlife. Alongside the two targeted mammals we will also search out endemic birds and reptiles within this short time frame. Despite being a short trip and there not being a huge variety of wildlife to be seen, this trip is designed to offer the chance of seeing and photographing two of the world’s most unusual, little known and critically endangered mammals. On this aim we have very high hopes and should be successful.

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