• kittykat23uk

    Wow! What a haul! Would be a good place for a mammal watching get together! 🙂

    • Samuel

      Indeed. I thought about this also. Could be a nice place to consider for the European mammalwatchers meeting that was mentioned in a previous post

  • Jon Hall

    Good idea!

  • Mattia from Italy

    Bernardo works for Wildwatchingspain https://www.wildwatchingspain.com/, a local agency based in Riano (south of Picos de Europa). In 2013 I went with them in the same areas that Michel visited, and in a week I saw 4 different packs of Wolves, including a rendez-vous site with social interactions for almost 2 hours. All thanks the huge work of Bernard and his colleagues. Than 3 different Wildcats.

    In summer it’s the very best area in Europe (and maybe the world?) for Wolves.

    Wolves are heavily hunted in Spain and the rest of Europe (legally and most often illegally), so the effort of Bernardo, Inaki and their team to create an ecotourism is very important.

    Go with them in late July, August and September, and you will be not disappointed. Views are usually a bit distant, but to watch Wolves for long time interacting, and admire their natural behaviour is wonderful. A jump in the wild past of Europe.

  • Kelchtermans Jan

    Wolves in Poland are very reliable too but Spain really is a very good and, during summer, indeed the best. While looking for wolves in Poland you come across different European flag species like European Bison, Wild Cat, Polecat, Otter and yes: Eurasian lynx.

    • Samuel

      Interesting Jan. Could you be more specific about what Poland can offer? I knew Belarus was a good place for lynx, bison and other big mammals but did not hear much about Poland. Do you have local agencies or other contacts you could share with the community? Thanks in advance

    • Mattia from Italy

      Poland (Bieszczady NP, where Jan goes with his tours) is not a good place for Eurasian Lynx, chances are quite low, as everywhere.

      Belarus is even worst: to follow prints of Lynx is a very ineffective way to see the cat. Just a fleeting glimpse if you are extremely lucky.

      A good and reliable place for Eurasian Lynx (more than 50% chances of good views in daylight in a week) has yet to be found. 🙁

  • Samuel

    What a great report !! Asturias have been known for years for its wildlife but reports from there are getting better and better. Definitely a place where I need to go and it’s not so far from where i leave…

  • Maurice Tijm

    Wow great report. thats perfect guiding and hosting, very dedicated. Great local knowledge and timing. Seeing so much so easily must have been a joy. Looking forward to visit the area again oneday, preferably with the portsmouth bilbao ferry to add some marine mammals.

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