RFI Banded Langur and Agile Gibbon in northern Malaysia

I may have some time in Malaysia this winter, and was wondering if anyone knew anything about finding Banded Langur (Presbytis femoralis) and Agile Gibbon (Hylobates agilis) in northern Malaysia.  The range maps indicate that they should both be there.






  • Marc Anderson

    They are both quite common in Ulu Muda Forest Reserve. Last time I was there (2017) I saw the langurs a few times on morning boat trips. All of the gibbons I heard in this area were Hylobates agilis – there were a few family territories close to the accommodation at Earth Lodge.

  • Israel

    Agile Gibbon is easy on Maxwell Hill in Taiping. For accommodation on the hill itself, The Nest is currently closed for renovation and the government bungalows are really expensive (they only rent the entire bungalow for groups), but the hill is literally on the edge of town and there are lots of hotels in Taiping.

    For access, there are jeeps going up and down the hill every few hours during the day (there is only one road on the hill, and no private vehicles). For the gibbons, best option would be to take a jeep to the top and walk down, or conversely walk up from the bottom (walking down is easier obviously).

  • Curtis Hart

    Thanks for the quick responses! We are looking into both options.

  • Curtis Hart

    We went to both locations and saw both species at both locations. There was a landslide on the Bukit Larut road, so no jeeps were running, but we walked up a few kilometers and managed good views of both species. At Ulu Muda we heard the Agile Gibbons daily, but only saw a pair once. I had brief views of Banded Langurs on one of the evening boat trips. Thank you again for both responses.


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